The Musquodoboit Trailway

Just a 45 min drive from Downtown Halifax is this amazing wilderness trail. The main trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail – and as always a highway of a trail: broad, straight, gravel road where you can hike, bike, take your stroller and it’s easy going for the whole family. Looping of the main trail is a number of loops – we did the Admiral Lake Loop Trail – a 5-6 km trail coming back to the main trail a little further north (or south, depending on what way you do the trail 🙂 )
Some parts of the trail is pretty steep but that also give some stunning views! Don’t miss out on the Skull Rock Lookoff! Around halfway in the loop you come upon the Cave – not a deep cave or anything but it makes great fun to pass through the tiny space between huge rocks.
This trail winds through dense woods, over rocky places, up and down and up again, through soggy areas and crossing a few creeks – and it is SO rewarding!

It is also really starting to feel like spring out there – the Mayflower is flowering, so look closely after a small white-pinkish flower close to the ground, found in shade in heather areas. There is also more birds singing in the woods, butterflies, flies, ants and all the other cool creatures waking up after winter. Trees flowering and getting light green – so there is no excuse anymore! Get out there 😀


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