Crystal Crescent Beach

I totally forgot to put up a post about Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park – and that would be a pity, because it’s one of the best hikes I’ve done here so far! Up there in the top with Taylorhead and Cape Split…!

It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday and we hiked the loop to Pennant Point – around 12 km in total and 3-4 hours including some nice breaks in the sun. Luckily we started out pretty early, because when we got back to the parking lot it was pretty full. I guess in summer there will be even more people, but they are probably mostly using the first beaches. They are also lovely; boarded walkways leading to protected coves and sandy beaches… just a perfect place for summer-weekends! But if you do hike – do yourself the favour and hike the loop!

The path is well marked when you walk on the east side of the peninsula down to the point, but not on the west side – remember to turn into the forest to get back to the parking lot. A lot of people put markers of different kinds there – so if you know that you should look for it, it’s easy to find.

Hiking on the rocks along the coast with a beautiful view of the ocean, fishing boats checking their lobster crates, sea gulls and ducks and eider ducks swimming and diving for food – it’s all very relaxing. Do go on a day where it is not too windy 🙂 The trail also wind through bog, heather, forest, and short bush – nice and varying.
Part of the trail is soggy, but it makes a lot of fun to jump from rocks to pieces of wood to dry land 🙂

So what I’m saying: if you are in the area, have a couple of hours then definitely go do this hike!



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