Bluff Wilderness Trail

Today was sunny and warm and the perfect weather for getting outside!

We hiked the first loop – The Pot Lake Loop – of the Bluff Wilderness Trail. We spend 2.5 hour out on this very nice trail and hiked around 8 km in total. It’s a nice wilderness trail with lots of roots, rocks and some creeks to be crossed. There are beautiful views of Pot Lake and Cranberry Lake and people along the trail was enjoying the sun. The temperature was around 13 degrees and Canadians hike in shorts and t-shirts ūüôā

I definitely plan to hike the whole trail this summer! That means spending one night at one of the ‘leave no trace’ places along the trail.
It would also be perfect to take the SUPboards out on some of the lakes – when it get a bit warmer!

This week I also spend quite some time in Point Pleasant Park and Halifax Public Gardens – spring is here and I try to enjoy it as much as possible between work and before it gets colder and wetter again.

Happy easter to all of you!


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