Eagle watch 2017

Two weekends ago we went to Sheffield Mills to watch the Bald Eagles!
The eagles congregate in the are of Canning and Sheffield Mills, here in Nova Scotia, in winter because there is a lot of chicken farms around. Two weekends the community of Sheffield Mills feed the eagles and a lot of people come to see the big birds.
We got up early, but still there where a lot of people already when we arrived at the site… and eagles. More than 20 bald eagles, both juveniles and adults, was sitting in the trees around the area. They did not come down to feed while we where there – but it was an impressive sight anyway!
We went for breakfast at Sheffield Mills community Hall – very nice pancakes, blueberry sauce, maple syrup and sausages. Live music and a lot of committed people. If you go there remember to go upstairs and see the small eagle exhibition.

After great breakfast we drove to Baxters Harbour. It was low tide, so it was possible to walk a bit on the beach and come close to the water fall. Very beautiful with frozen ice on the cliffs.

We drove a bit further, along Bay of Fundy to Halls Harbour. I guess it’s an amazing place in summertime, when you can sit by the harbour and eat lobster! They are renovating the whole harbour area and it is looking great. And as always – I’m just SO impressed with the tides in Bay of Fundy. It’s just so amazing crossing the rivers with some hours in between and see how much and fast the water level is de- or increasing!

Last weekend was Friday evening hockey match (The Mooseheads lost – again), snowboarding Saturday in Martock and eating out Sunday evening for SuperBowl ūüôā


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