Roadtripping Maine

So last weekend was a long weekend and we went for a trip to Maine. Long drive but a lot to see. Driving through pine forests on almost empty roads. The occasionally “Trump will make America great again” – and next door “I’m with her!” – what an election, we can just wait and see how everything plays out!
Friday evening we had a look around Bangor. Nice town – and for me all about Stephen King. I’m a HUGE fan, and got to see his house, the giant Paul Bunyan statue and venturing around Derry aka Bangor (if you haven’t – read It!!!). Visiting antiques stores filled with Stephen King books and other cool stuff.
We slept a bit outside of Bangor and Saturday we drove south to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Cool park with picture-perfect views. Drive the Loop around the park and take plenty of time to stop and walk around and take pictures. It was freezing cold from the top of Cadillac Mountain – but such a beautiful view over the Atlantic!
We hiked the Beehive Trail – it’s very short, but you start walking/climbing up an almost vertically cliff side with iron hooks (ok, almost vertically is maybe a bit an overstatement – but if you are afraid of heights I would not recommend this trail!). When you get to the summit there is a breathtaking view. The track continues to The Bowl, a small lake that would be perfect for a swim in summer time…
We saw deers in the woods, otters playing in lakes, bald eagles, wild turkeys, hawks, squirrels but sadly no moose.
We ended the visit in Acadia National Park with late lunch in Bar Harbor – and of cause I got a whole Maine lobster, with lemon, melted butter, and a plastic bib saying “Time to get cracking” 😉 It was sooooo good!

Sunday was more driving to the border at Armstrong, so I could get my work permit activated (thought everything went fine, but found out this week that the guys there made a mistake, so I’m not so happy right now!). We stopped in Quebec and had a walk around. Everybody says that Quebec is amazing with all the old buildings and forts – and the city is indeed cozy, romantic and old – BUT being from Europe, and having lived in the oldest town in Scandinavia for the last 3.5 year (Ribe was founded around year 710), Quebec seems a bit new 🙂 But will definitely go back there for a whole weekend at some point!
Monday was a long drive, but we stopped at some cool outdoor shops before being back in Halifax where the supermoon was overlooking the city. AND the drive at the Bay of Fundy is still amazing – even though not being directly at the bay, then just crossing the rivers that are empty of water because it’s low tide… Takes my breath away!!!



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