Taylor Head Provincial Park

In the weekend we wanted to take a hike along the coast. We decided for Taylor Head Provincial Park around 100 km from Halifax.

The weather was great! A bit grey in the beginning but the sun came out and not much wind.
Driving on Hwy 7 through small towns along the coast looking at fishing boats and lobsters and oysters for sale make the drive picture perfect.When you arrive at Taylor Head Provincial Park drive all the way to the parking lot at the end. From here we hiked the Spry Bay trail and the Headland trail – 8 km in total, a loop and it took us around 3 hours – the trail is narrow, many places wet, but with stones and wooden bridges to take you through the most wet parts, it’s a perfect trail! Spend time taking pictures, watching birds and enjoying the view over Spry Bay and Pyches Island. The first part of Spry Bay trail is through a bog and there is loads of flesh eating Northern Pitcher Plants – Sarracenia purpurea – a very cool plant, named so because of the pitcher shaped leafs that hold water. Insects are attracted to the plant, fall in the water and drown and a bacteria community breaks down the prey so nutrients are available for the plant – amazing co-operation 🙂
Otherwise we also came by Ruffed Grouse and later a porcupine strolling along the road taking no notice of us.

Just to sum it up – if you are in the neighbourhood do this hike 😀





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